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ACH Services

Safe & Efficient Electronic Transactions

Initiate Direct Deposit, vendor payments or collect money from your customers using ACH Origination.  ACH adds convenience, safety and peace of mind while saving you time and money.

Your company benefits from using ACH origination:

  • Reduce costs of producing and reconciling paper checks
  • Reduce fraud exposure vs. paying by check
  • Choose exact timing of payment by choosing the desired settlement date
  • Expedite the payments or collections process
  • Send recurring transactions in batches
  • Replace costly wire transfers in many cases
  • Increase cash flow predictability

ACH Network

An Automated Clearing House (ACH) transaction is a secure electronic transfer of funds between banks.  This method may be used to pay businesses or individuals in lieu of paper checks.  In addition, business customers may use ACH origination to collect funds from their customers.

How ACH Network Works


Certain transaction fees, limitations and requirements may apply. Refer to product terms and conditions or see Bank for details. All services subject to prior Centennial Bank approval.

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