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Online Payment Portal FAQs

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    What are my login credentials for the online payment portal?

    1. If you are an individual, your login credentials are the account number and the last four of the Primary Borrowers SSN.
    2. If you are a business, your login credentials are your account number and the last 4 of the Primary Borrowers business ID (TIN).
    3. If you are already registered your login credentials are your email address and the 4 digit pin you set up when you registered your account.

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    If I don’t have a sign-up link to online payment portal, how can I sign-up?

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    How long is the online payment portal sign-up link my lender sent me active?

    It’s active for 24 hours.

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    Can I pay with a Credit Card or Debit Card?

    No, we only accept eChecks.

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    Can I set up recurring payments through online payment portal?

    Yes, once you have created an online payment portal account you have control of payment frequencies.

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    Can I get monthly email payment reminders?

    Yes, once you create your profile you will be automatically enrolled for payment reminders.

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    Will I be charged any fees?

    No. When you enter your banks routing number and your account number or your banks savings account number, no additional fees will be charged. Also known as an eCheck.

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    Is there a cutoff time I can submit payments effective same day?

    Yes, 12am CST, 1am EST.

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    If my loan is currently on auto debit, can I use online payment portal?

    Yes, however if your next scheduled due date/transfer is within 3 business days of the day you submit an online payment, please do not submit a payment in the online portal.  This could cause duplicate payments on the loan.

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    Can I pay off my loan via online payment portal?

    All payoff requests should be submitted through your lender.

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    Can I make a payment via online payment portal if my loan is past due?

    In most cases yes, if you experience issues, contact your lender.

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    If my loan is in Bankruptcy, can I make a payment through online payment portal?

    If your loan is in Bankruptcy, contact the Special Assets Department by email:

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    What is the maximum amount I can pay?

    You may make a payment up to $50,000 per transaction, per day.

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    How long will it take for my payment to post via online payment portal?

    Payments are applied as of the day the payment is submitted; processing time reflected on your account can be up to 3 days.

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    What kind of loan payments do you accept through online payment portal?

    We accept commercial, consumer, SBA, and mortgage payments.

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    Are there any loans not accepted through the online payment portal?

    Currently, we do not accept Compass Dealer Floor Plan payments.

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    Can I make a payment over the phone?

    Currently, we do not accept payments over the phone unless the payment is being made from an internal bank account. If you need to make a payment from an external account, you may contact your lender who can email you a link so you can process a payment through the online payment portal system.

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