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Fraud Prevention Services

Protect against fraudulent transactions

► Positive Pay

This is one of the most powerful tools available to combat check fraud today. Through our Cash Management online platform, customers upload an electronic file of issued checks, including the account number, check number, dollar amount and payee name* (*Payee Positive Pay). We match each check presented for payment against your issue file to ensure proper payment and reduce the risk of altered or falsified checks.

► ACH Blocks

Protect your business against unauthorized ACH transactions before they post to your account. This fraud prevention tool gives you the option to block all incoming ACH debits and/or credits or filter by providing a list of companies authorized to post ACH debit transactions to your account. We automatically block those entries that are not authorized.




Certain transaction fees, limitations and requirements may apply. Refer to product terms and conditions or see Bank for details. All services subject to prior Centennial Bank approval.

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