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Accounts Receivable Financing

Gain a Competitive Edge with BusinessManager®

Managing cash flow can be one of the most stressful parts of owning a business, but it doesn’t have to keep giving you headaches. Now you can bridge the gap between payables due today and receivables that your customers won’t remit for 30 days or more. BusinessManager® allows you to get cash for your accounts receivable at the same time you send invoices to your customers.

►  Improve Cash Flow
►  Supplier Discounts
►  Offer Financing Options to your Clients
►  Manage Your Operations

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BusinessManager®Funding Process1

  1. CREATE (Accounts Receivable) - Account debtors purchase products or services from business. Sales are created in business's accounting software. Account debtors receive copy of invoice
  2. SEND (Receivables) - Business sends daily receivables file electronically to bank for review and funding
  3. REVIEW (Credit Approval) - Bank receives daily receivables file electronically. Bank reviews and purchases business's daily accounts receivable.
  4. RECEIVE (Daily Funding) - Bank receives service charge fee. Bank places portion of funding in business's reserve account. Business receives daily funding in operating account.


1Subject to approval. Fees may apply.

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