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Spanish Speaking Mortgage Loan Originators

Our loan officers are here to help with all your mortgage needs.

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Manuel Aldana headshot

Manuel Aldana

NMLS# 561800

Mortgage Lender Supervisor

Orlando, FL


Manuel Aldana's Simple Mortgage Profile »
Chris Arana headshot

Chris Arana

NMLS# 881146

SVP, Area Production Manager

Remote, FL


Chris Arana's Simple Mortgage Profile »
Andrew Benitez-Jaimes headshot

Andrew Benitez-Jaimes

NMLS# 1210419

Mortgage Loan Originator

Fayetteville, AR


Andrew Benitez-Jaimes's Simple Mortgage Profile »
Manny Espitia headshot

Manny Espitia

NMLS# 524905

Mortgage Development & Originator

Sarasota, FL


Manny Espitia's Simple Mortgage Profile »
Rene Fuentes headshot

Rene Fuentes

NMLS# 1378263

Mortgage Lender Supervisor

Remote, FL


Rene Fuentes's Simple Mortgage Profile »
Eddy Guzman headshot

Eddy Guzman

NMLS# 1167733

Mortgage Development & Originator

Fort Smith, AR


Eddy Guzman's Simple Mortgage Profile »
Rosa Perez headshot

Rosa Perez

NMLS# 1192308

Mortgage Development and Originator

Little Rock, AR


Rosa Perez's Simple Mortgage Profile »
Pedro Ramirez headshot

Pedro Ramirez

NMLS# 1978483

Mortgage Development & Originator

Jonesboro, AR


Pedro Ramirez's Simple Mortgage Profile »
Rayna Sabra headshot

Rayna Sabra

NMLS# 2296834

AVP, Mortgage Development & Originator

Orlando, FL


Rayna Sabra's Simple Mortgage Profile »
Tatiana Zurita headshot

Tatiana Zurita

NMLS# 1560619

Mortgage Development & Originator

Naples, FL


Tatiana Zurita's Simple Mortgage Profile »


All loans are subject to credit and property approval. Your wireless carrier's data rates may apply.

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