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Builder’s Risk

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As a specialist in insurance for the construction industry, we offer a wide range of coverages, including:

  • Theft: Equipment to be installed, building and landscaping material are covered from the moment they are delivered to the job site.
  • Materials in transit and at temporary locations: Protects job materials as well as office and tool trailers. Also includes coverage for materials that are installed or uninstalled, including landscaping.
  • Mechanical and electrical breakdown: Covers breakdown of plumbing, air conditioning lines and elevators.
  • Sewers and drains: Covers backup of sewers and drains with no deductible.
  • Laws and ordinances: Provides coverage for losses due to changes in laws or ordinances.
  • Model homes and unsold dwellings: Optional coverage protects models and their contents and completed homes that have not yet been sold.
  • Profit: Ability to include your profit in the total estimated completed value.
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Products sold by Centennial Insurance Agency, Inc. and/or or Cook Insurance Agency, Inc. are not a deposit, not FDIC insured. Not guaranteed by the bank. Not insured by any federal government agency and/or may lose value.

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