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EMV®/Chip Card Technology


New Card. Embedded Chip. Extra Security. EMV Chip Card Image

The Centennial Bank EMV® Card with an embedded chip gives you the same great benefits Centennial has to offer plus an extra layer of protection when used at any chip enabled terminal. “EMV®” stands for Europay®, MasterCard® and Visa®, and they are the original developers of chip card standards. Your chip card comes with technology which makes each transaction more secure. Each transaction creates a unique code which is more difficult to counterfeit. Shop with confidence-with a chip card, you will be ready to make purchases anywhere MasterCard® is accepted.

Important Note: Chip cards will still include the magnetic strip on the back of the card which can be used with retailers who have not yet adopted chip enabled terminals.  

How To: Make a Chip Transaction

3 step EMV process transaction

1) Insert your card with the chip facing up. 
2) Keep the card in the reader then follow the prompts on the screen to complete your purchase.
3) If a signature is required, please sign.

For more information regarding EMV® chip cards please contact our customer care center at (888) 372-9788 or click for FAQ.

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