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Financial Education as easy as 1, 2, 3

The cornerstone of Centennial Bank’s mission is community banking. Over the last twenty years, we have worked to bring our customers and the communities they live in the type of commitment and care that exceeds expectations. Through our involvement with and support of local charities, we are more connected and better able to meet customers’ needs – particularly as we compete with large regional and national banks. Centennial Bank provides a broad range of commercial and retail banking and related financial services to businesses, investors, individuals and municipalities. We pride ourselves on being a good corporate neighbor and have locations in Arkansas, Florida, South Alabama, and New York to better serve our growing clientele.

1) Financial Education

Whether you are a student navigating student loans, retired and looking for reversed mortgages or wanting to start on the basics of debt management, Centennial Bank has financial wellness partnerships to help.

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2) Switching should be easy!

We added ClickSwitch to simplify the process.

How it works…

  1. Login to the free online solution. To get started, call 888-372-9788 or stop in to any branch today to receive your activation code. Login to ClickSWITCH and in a few simple clicks, you’ll activate this secure online solution.
  2. Switch your direct deposits and automatic payments. Use your old account to automatically find and switch all recurring transactions.
  3. Get notifications as it works for you. The solution does the work for you, receive real-time updates and get notified when it’s done.

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Why You Should Make The Switch

  • Instant Issue Debit Cards - never go without a card.1
  • Access to financial education, no matter what stage in life you're in, is made easy through our partnership with GreenPath Financial Wellness
  • Be a member of our Diamond Club! If you love to travel, you will find a unique value in this opportunity to see local and popular U.S. attractions, as well as locations around the world.
  • Find out the pros and cons of refinancing home loans, what mortgage loan is right for you, and more.2

We're local! Ask us why we would be right for you!

3) Northwest Arkansas Lenders

Learn more about the Mortgage Loan process with any of our NWA Mortgage Loan Originators.


Christine Benson headshot

Christine Benson

Loan Officer

479-684-2232 |

Christine is based in Fayetteville, get in touch.

Eddy Guzman headshot

Eddy Guzman

Mortgage Loan Officer

479-289-6930 |

Eddy is based in Fort Smith, get in touch.

Mike Rewerts headshot

Mike Rewerts

Mortgage Loan Officer

479-684-2207 |

Mike is based in Fayetteville, get in touch.

Savannah Thomas headshot

Savannah Thomas

Mortgage Loan Officer

479-696-3838 |

Savannah is based in Bentonville, get in touch.

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