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Affordable Housing Programs

Education Employees Affinity Program

Teachers or staff members serving local schools are eligible for a $1,025 Lender Credit


Centennial Bank would like to say "thank you" with the Education Employees Affinity Program.  The program applies the Lender Credit toward Origination Charges for qualified borrowers. Credit must be applied prior to the application of any other credits.

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Education Employees Affinity Program:

Eligible Borrowers to receive a lender credit equivalent to our Processing and Underwriting fees ($1,025). Lender credit to be applied by Secondary Market upon Processing and Underwriting receipt and review of written verification of employment. Available to those Eligible Borrowers who satisfy one of the above criteria and who submit a mortgage application to a Centennial Bank Mortgage Loan Originator, on or after 8/9/19 but prior to 12/31/19. Employment will be verified through written verification of employment completed within 30 days of underwriting approval. Eligible Borrower would need to occupy the premises which is being purchased or refinanced upon closing. All loans must meet Centennial Bank and/or Secondary Market lending guidelines and additional restrictions may apply. All loans subject to property and credit approval.

FHA 203H Loan for Disaster Victims

Recovery starts here with 100% financing to help victims of disasters purchase a new home after their home was substantially damaged


Whether you rent or own, if you home is located in a Presidentially Designated Major Disaster Area and destroyed or damaged to such an extent that replacement is necessary, you may qualify.

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Available for FHA Fixed 30, 25, 20, or 15 year loans. Must have a minimum credit score of 620. Primary residence only. Documentation must be provided to verify that the Borrower’s previous residence (owned or rented) was in the disaster area and was destroyed or damaged to such an extent that reconstruction or replacement is necessary. If purchasing a new home, the home need not be located in the area where the previous home was located. Eligible Properties: Owner Occupied Primary residence located in Presidentially Declared Major Disaster Areas (PDMDA). Must be single family properties or a HUD approved Condo. Subject to FHA rate and loan amount guidelines. Product Availability: Must be submitted within 1 year of the PDMDA. Rates and terms are subject to change. Other restrictions apply. See bank for details. All loans subject to property and credit approval.

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