Apple Pay and Centennial Bank - An easier way to pay
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Add Your Centennial Bank Debit Card to Apple Pay® in 2 Easy Steps!

Step 1

Store your Centennial Bank debit card in Passbook®
Open Passbook® and click on the plus icon. Capture a photo of your Centennial Bank debit card or enter the information manually. When adding a flat card, you must enter the information manually, because the camera only reads embossed numbers.

Step 2

Card Verification
The card verification process should take just a few seconds. You may be prompted to provide additional verification via phone.

Now you are ready to enjoy the convenience of Apple Pay®!

How can I learn more about Apple Pay®?

Frequently Asked Questions

Visit our FAQ page and get fast answers regarding Apple Pay® setup, function, security features, and more.

Visit the Apple Pay® Website



How do I use
Apple Pay?®

  • Use your compatible Apple® device to make purchases at more than a million locations, and keep your cards securely in your wallet.
  • Contactless Payment Reader iconJust hold your compatible Apple® device near the checkout reader with your finger on Touch ID®. A subtle vibration and beep confirms your payment.
  • You can also use Apple Pay® to make online purchases. Complete your online transactions by selecting Apple Pay® and placing your finger on Touch ID®.

Is it safe?

  • Apple Pay® assigns, encrypts and securely stores a unique Device Account Number on your compatible Apple® device. When you make a purchase, the number—along with a transaction-specific dynamic security code—is used to process your payment. Your debit or credit card numbers are never shared with merchants or transmitted with payment and your name, card number and security code remain confidential because cashiers no longer need to see or handle your card.

Business Owners: Looking to accept Apple Pay® payments?

  • Centennial Bank Merchant Services can help your business incorporate Apple Pay®, as well as other payment technologies. Ask your banker for more information today! Contact us at 888-372-9788, or email your questions here.
  • There is no cost for Apple Pay® from Centennial Bank; however, an active data plan is required. Your credit card’s terms and conditions and your debit card’s Deposit Account Agreement will apply for purchases. Centennial Bank does not charge any fees to add your credit or debit cards to Apple Pay®. Based on your wireless plan and mobile carrier's offering, additional message and data charges may apply.
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