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Cash Management

Whether you are transferring money between multiple accounts, collecting dues or fees, performing payroll direct deposits or completing wire transfers, Centennial Bank's Cash Management System is the ultimate tool for all your business financial needs.

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  • Automated Clearing House: ACH services are offered by the cash management division of Centennial Bank. The Automated Clearing House is an electronic system used to transfer funds between banks. Companies use this to pay others, especially employees (this is how direct deposit works). Certain companies also use it to collect funds from customers (this is generally how automatic payment plans work.)
  • Direct Deposit:  Direct deposit is a cost effective and efficient way to handle payroll for employees and managers. As a Centennial Bank client, your employees can benefit from a direct deposit program that is simple to use for the employer and convenient for the employee no matter where they bank. Centennial Bank will assist you in every way possible to ensure your employees' account opening process is simple.
  • AutoDraft: AutoDraft is a great way to collect monthly payments. With AutoDraft you can electronically deduct payments each month, each quarter, or whenever it's due. The payment is made to you automatically from the payers account. There's no check to collect.
  • Positive Pay: Positive pay is a service whereby your company electronically shares its check register of all written checks with Centennial. The bank will only pay checks listed in that register, with exactly the same specifications as listed in the register (amount, payee, serial number, etc.)
  • Zero Balance Accounting: Companies with large numbers of stores or locations can very often be confused if all those stores are depositing into a single bank account. To help correct this problem, each store is given their own bank account, but all the money deposited into the individual store accounts are automatically swept into the company's main bank account. This allows the company to look at individual statements for each store.
  • Analyzed Accounts: Account analysis looks at your checking account in two ways. First, this service reviews the activities associated with all of your checking accounts. Based on these activities, service fees are determined. The second part of the analysis reviews the combined balances in all of your accounts for the purposes of giving credits back to your account, which will help to offset the fees resulting from the account analysis.
  • Wire Transfer: Initiate quick and easy domestic wire transfers from your desktop.  No need to fax forms to the bank any longer.

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