Top 25 Most Hacked Passwords of 2017

Top 25 Most Hacked Passwords of 2017 1/9/2018

During the last year we’ve spent a lot of time talking about the importance of good password management. Listening to local radio on the way into work an employee heard two radio DJ’s discussing an article that was published recently citing the 25 most hacked passwords of 2017. Sure enough, SplashData a security applications and service provider compiled the following list using a list of hijacked passwords stolen from adult websites and any swiped passwords stolen during the Yahoo hack which involved some three billion accounts.

Included with the results are movements up or down within the list from the previous year.  While some of the information listed below might be comical or cynical the goal is to make users aware of the importance in taking active steps to help protect themselves from hackers.

Here’s the top 25:

1. 123456 (unchanged... for the fourth year in a row)
2. Password (unchanged)
3. 12345678 (up 1 from last year)
4. qwerty (up 2 from last year)
5. 12345 (down 2 from last year)
6. 123456789 (new)
7. letmein (new)
8. 1234567 (unchanged)
9. football (down 4 from last year)
10. iloveyou (new)
11. admin (up 4 from last year)
12. welcome (unchanged)
13. monkey (new)
14. login (down 3)
15. abc123 (down 1)
16. starwars (new)
17. 123123 (new)
18. dragon (up 1 from last year)
19. passw0rd (down 1 from last year)
20. master (up 1 from last year)
21. hello (new)
22. freedom (new)
23. whatever (new)
24. qazwsx (new)
25. trustno1 (new)

Obviously, if any of these passwords look familiar to you it might be time to change them.  A good rule of thumb for strong passwords is length and complexity as the longer and more complex it is the harder it is to crack. A good way to develop a long password is to make it a phrase instead of a single word. We hope everyone had a great cyber experience in 2017! Let’s make 2018 a great one by taking the steps necessary to help secure ourselves online.

*Information courtesy of SplashData

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