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Beware of Phone Number Spoofing Scam

Customers please beware there is a phone number spoofing scam circulating where scammers are posing as Centennial Bank Fraud Specialists and contacting you to pry information in order to turn around and impersonate and potentially hack your account.

Centennial Bank WILL NOT ask you for your pin number. Customers please understand when you call the Customer Care Center we will be extra cautious verifying your identity.

How to tell the phone call is NOT from Centennial Bank!

While the phone number looks to be our Fraud Department phone number, the scammers are asking questions in a way to acquire information to pose as you on another call into Centennial Bank. Scammers will try to get your PIN NUMBER in addition to asking about recent transactions and information that will help them impersonate you. Remember Centennial Bank will NOT ask you for your pin number.

The phone call is similar to one you might receive from Centennial Bank regarding fraud on your account. The biggest difference is that the Bank will not ask you for your Debit Card Pin Number.  Be very cautious about providing information that could be used to impersonate you.

There are many ways that scammers may attempt to trick you into giving them your personal information. They may use phone calls, texts, and or emails to attempt to gain your personal information.

Impersonation is a commonly used method. The impersonation may even start before you answer the phone.  Your phone can be tricked into believing a call is coming from one of our branches as mentioned above.

Some impersonation tactics that have been used to scam people include:

  • Your phone shows a call is coming from Centennial Bank and the caller impersonates a bank representative to ask for personal or financial information.
  • Impersonating a bank representative on the phone and stating that charges were flagged by the bank, then offering to change your PIN to your debit card while on the line.
  • Impersonating someone from a software company to trouble shoot your software to access your internet banking.

Use these tips to protect yourself from scams:

  • Do not give your passwords, PIN or social security number to anyone!
  • Review your account transactions frequently and report any unauthorized transactions to our customer care center as soon as you notice them.
  • Report suspected or known scams to the FBI online at

Our standard practices regarding your account(s) with us are still in place.

  • We will never call you to ask for verification of identity, account numbers, card numbers, PIN, social security number, usernames, passwords or any other personally identifying information.
  • We will never tell you to call a number that is not a branch line (these can be found at or our customer care center line at (888) 372-9788.
  • We will never tell, ask or recommend you transfer money or withdraw it.

For your safety and security please know:

  • Scammers can learn a lot about you online and through social media.
  • Your phone can be tricked into believing a call is coming from one of our branches.

Here at Centennial Bank we are committed to protecting our customers from identity theft and to spotting fraudulent activity. We generate multiple reports to examine potential fraudulent account activity daily. Suspected money mule accounts and other types of fraud are investigated thoroughly. Call our Customer Care Center at (888) 372-9788 and report fraudulent activity immediately if you feel you have been victimized.

To learn more about preventing and spotting fraud and identity theft visit our Information Security page here.

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