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Customer Care Center Phone Lines

We are working feverishly on the phone lines as many of you are attempting to call in for assistance. Call volume is at an all-time high currently and you could receive a busy signal, no signal at all or a wait message with adjusting times. If you don’t connect please don’t continually try to call. Continuous calls are making the situation worse. Please wait an hour and try your call again. If you make a connection in the call que please wait regardless of the wait time message or please try some of the options presented below for additional service. We apologize for the inconvenience.

If you are unable to make a connection to the Customer Care Center due to high call volume the following tips could potentially help resolve your issue.

If your call is related to the stimulus payment or mobile app update please visit the homepage for more information. Mobile App Upgrade information can be found by scrolling toward the bottom in the “News” section.

If you are performing the mobile app upgrade and your credentials are being registered as “invalid” please delete the app and re-download the app and try your credentials again before reaching out.  This troubleshooting step has provided good results for most.

If you need a password reset for mobile or internet banking you can send us a direct message on Facebook or use the Get In Touch form located below and we will have an associate from a branch near you contact you. Please be prepared to answer the security questions related to your account. If it is convenient for you, please stop into your local branch lobby during regular business hours for assistance outside of the phone lines or social media.

For faster service, in any messages to the bank please provide your name, best contact number and most convenient banking location so we can assign the correct associate to help you. Please do not include information related to your account such as social security number or actual account number. We will verify your identity using your security profile questions.  

Thank you again for banking at Centennial Bank!  

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PLEASE DO NOT Send Confidential Information such as account or social security numbers using this form.