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Mobile 5.0 App Update

Centennial Bank’s Mobile App will be getting some enhancements soon! The type of update you perform is dependent on the device you will be updating.  Instructions for device types are shown below.

Knowing your credentials (Username and Password) ahead of the March 16th update will play a huge part in easing your transition to Mobile 5.0.

After performing a successful application update you will need to re-authenticate with your user name and password to access your accounts.

  • Smartphone users such as iPhone® and Android™ can update their current application without uninstalling the existing application. Users should perform a standard application update as prompted by the smartphone.
  • Tablet users will need to uninstall and redownload from their respective app stores.  

After the update and successful authentication users can re-enable their biometric authentication (Touch, Face, and Passcode IDs) settings to the most recently updated Mobile App. 

If you do not remember your user name or password, please contact your local branch or our Customer Care Center at (888) 372-9788 to have your password reset prior to this change. Please keep in mind you can only reset your mobile banking password by resetting your Centennial Bank Internet Banking password. If the device you are using to login to Centennial Bank Internet Banking is authenticated and you know your user ID you can reset your password by visiting and clicking on “Forgot Password?” in the Online Banking login section.

Issues with the update?

We ask that you go to where you download apps on your device and see if an update is available. If available, please download and sign in again.  If this doesn’t work, we have found if you delete the app, restart your phone and then reinstall the app, it will give it a reboot and will allow it to work normally. 

How to reset your password from

Go to the website: from a device that you have authorized for future sessions. This is when you have authorized the device for future sessions when answering the security questions. *Please note that if you clear your cookie or history on your browser this will not work.*

Select the Forgot Password option between the Online ID and Password Option.

You will then need to enter in your Customer ID (Online ID)

You will then be prompted to answer 2 of your security questions. These are case sensitive.

You will then be prompted to change the password.

Once you have updated your password you will get a message that it was successful.


Certain fees, limitations and restrictions may apply. Please refer to product terms and conditions or see Bank for details. Centennial Bank does not charge you a fee for using Mobile Banking. Your wireless carrier’s data and text message rates may apply.

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