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Information Security

Commercial customers please be aware that we are seeing a significant spike in commercial fraud and phish attempts. Some of the specific attempts being reported include:

  • Instances where fraudsters are calling company accounts payable departments and telling them to send payments to a different account number. Companies should verify these changes externally by phone before proceeding.
  • Invoice related phishing attempts are growing in popularity. Fraudsters will email the recipient and proclaim they have an overdue bill. If you are not expecting a bill, contact the company by phone to verify. Do not call the phone number listed in the phishing email!
  • Be sure to verify suspicious internal email requests known as Business Compromise Fraud. These are emails generated ficticuously to appear like it is coming from an employee of the company asking for a money transfer such as a wire etc. It is always wise to confirm by phone but be sure to use a company directory and not the phone number listed in the fictitious email.

If you feel you have been victimized, please contact our customer care center during our normal operating hours at (888) 372-9788. You can also reach us by visiting our website and using our contact form. Click here.

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